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My story

The story of Mary5 is the story of Mary Wu, who is always very enthusiastic about the fashion world. When she was very young, she watched her mother's fashion magazines. After she grew up, shopping and design made her so happy that she dreamed of sharing her taste with all the ladies in The Netherlands, and preferably even Europe or the whole world.

Mary started with Mary5 in 2012 as a webshop in the Netherlands. Mary5 wants to go a step further than the fashion trend and give ladies a slightly more special style than others. Mary believes there is a lot more creativity in handmade items and that is why many of her products are handmade.

Mary employs two rabbits, who don't really help. But when she looks into the garden, they are always there for her. Just like Mary wants to be ready for her customers when they have questions. (Except during a little snack or a sip of juice, or a rare vacation.)

In the future, Mary wants to become an international designer. She is desperate to share her understanding of creative fashion with you and everyone, but more importantly, put a smile on your face.

Team Mary5


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Web designer

Hi, my name is Dimitri and I know nothing about fashion. For my work I make financial calculations and I also help Mary with the website. With some luck I have spare time in which I like to watch a movie and update my knowledge for my work with additional studies. I also enjoy food and I love everything that Mary cooks. If you have any questions about the website or suggestions, please contact me dimitri@mary5.nl.