The 10 Fashion Trends Fall / Winter 2020 :)

While the really warm summer days have yet to begin, the autumn / winter collections have already been ordered by the shops. Before you know it, the stores are already full of them. We went looking for you for the best trends on the catwalks for the autumn / winter season 2020

1. The puff sleeve

This trend is certainly going to pass by. We have already seen this trend a bit last season, but new is the dropped puff. This sleeve is used lowered but certainly no less voluminous!

2. The cape
We find it every so often. Where we often encountered mega oversized coats last winter, the focus this year is on various types of capes. These can be capes with sleeves, necked-down versions or even nicely oversized. The length of the capes are long, minimum knee height.

3. The patchwork blanket
Patchwork clothing is clothing which is artfully crafted. Think of jackets, made of various pieces of leather, but you can also find it in pants, skirts and you name it. This creates special unique items that will be real eye-catchers in your closet.

4. Smooth like velvet

Yes, we are allowed to use our wonderfully rich and warm fabrics again. Thicker fabrics such as velvet, jacquard and brocade. Plain or with print, it's all there. Preferably with beautiful patterns that make you feel like you're completely in the Victorian atmosphere.

5. Dresses, dresses and more dresses

Yes, it can be worn all year round. The dress is it all! It can be elegant in the summer and made of beautiful heavier fabric in the winter. Perfect to combine with trend fabrics such as velvet. Combine it with a nice belt around your waist to give it a model if you go for the trendy loose fit.

6. Leather

The leather jacket has long been an indispensable part of the fashion image. Last year, the leather and leather look pants were also released. Now you can combine them both to go for a complete leather outfit.

7. Captain coat
Yes it is in fashion again, the double-breasted jacket. Snooze quickly in your closet because you probably still have one hanging. This trend did not pass very long ago. The jackets may have beautiful large shiny gold or silver buttons. It has some military / nautical touch to it.

8. Bling on your shoe

Decorated shoes. Completely full of shiny stones or other beautiful decorative pieces. No more boring black pumps, you can shine!

9. The split

A high split is sexy and playful. It comes in both dresses / skirts and pants. The longer the fabric, the more dressed the garment. A high split provides a beautiful playful element in the clothing. So show those beautiful legs.

10. Large and special collars
A collar can stand out a lot this season. No big pointed collars but flat-lying nice big collars. You will probably no longer have this in your closet because we haven't had that big for a long time. Beautiful in lace or embroidery. An eye-catcher on your blouse above simple plain trousers, for example.

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